Mobile 2DGame – Drop Spider Shoot – Free Game

  • DixiGame2D

On this occasion we present our first free 2D game ‘DropSpiderShoot’, a game for Android mobile platforms, we really enjoy sharing with you this project that implements basic mechanics of an arcade-type game with the interaction of the user’s touch, the theme has been based on those kinds of games from the 70s or 80s,
where the actions carried out were repetitive but very funny, which we plotted with great passion to be able to recreate them.


We share the link of the Play Console below:

Download Game – Play Store



Used Providers

  1. Unity
  2. Unity Asset Store
  3. FreeSound: SFx implemented


Providers link

  1. Unity: Find Here
  2. Unity Asset Store:  Find Here
  3. FreeSound: Find Here