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Created and Forged with a single purpose… To defeat the forces of evil, towards all those apostles who are behind the destruction of humanity.
This is how we present the great ‘Dragon Slayer’, the sword made by the blacksmith Godo and given to ‘Guts’ (protagonist) in his fight against the fallen apostles who claim his blood and flesh for the mark he bears from his past, which forces him to to treat
those fights that seem to have no end and push the bearer of the ‘DragonSlayer’ to wield it with all his might.

Inspired by the work ‘Berserke’ by the author Kentaro Miura, we are pleased on this occasion to share this mythical and powerful weapon with all of you.


The Dragon Slayer contains the following feature on the technical side of the Poly Count.

  • Vertices:  6027
  • Edges:  12145
  • Faces:  6141
  • Triangles:  11860

Texturing of the object and sizes:

1k (1024) – 2k (2048) resolutions

  • PBR Metal Rought 1K
  • PBR Metal Rought 2K
  • Unity Metal Standard 1K
  • Unity Metal Standard 2k
  • Unreal4 1k
  • Unreal4 2k



  • It has a material





We thank you in advance for your attention, we make it available to you below.


Download Asset 3D – Berserk Dragon Slayer Sword – Dixi Asset Sword
Size: 57.4
Version: v1.0.0
Published: February 5, 2022