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This Incredible and pioneering combat weapon, one of the first of its kind to revolutionize the arms industry with its elegant recoil mechanism, joins our gallery this time with great enthusiasm to be ready for any project or job in mind.
We are talking about a classic in history, the M1911 pistol, manufactured in the United States by CMC (Colt’s Manufacturing Company) and distributed throughout the world, is now present before us and with joy we proceed to share it.


The M1911 Pistol Asset 3D contains the following feature on the technical side of the Poly Count

  • Vertices:  3,859
  • Edges:  7,326
  • Faces:  3,485
  • Triangles:  6,883


The model was created in Blender 2.9, the object was exported in FBX format, and it contains 3 basic textures that you can use, for any project or proposal that you have as a goal, as we had previously mentioned.


Texturing of the object and sizes:

1k (1024) – 2k (2048) resolutions

  • PBR Metal Rought 1K
  • PBR Metal Rought 2K
  • Unity Metal Standard 1K
  • Unity Metal Standard 2k
  • Unreal 1k
  • Unreal 2k


We thank you in advance for your attention and support for our project.

Free Asset 3D



Download Asset 3D – M1911 – Dixi Pistol Asset
Size: 43.5MB
Version: v6
Published: September 20, 2021