Asset 3D – MP5 Submachine – Dynamic Object – Anim Clips


$ 44.80


This Asset 3D of the MP5 weapon is a remake of the version of the static object of this same model, which incorporates 4 animation clips plus 1 static animation clip of the weapon in the exported FBX file, in addition to the technical characteristics that are similar. . In addition to its predecessor, with the differences that some improvements were made in the retopology of the entire object, a reinforcement system was added for the model, which allows it to animate as well as retexturize the entire object from the beginning.

Animation clips are the most common actions performed in an ‘FPS video game’, Appearance – Rest – Shoot – Reload, which are embedded in the file mentioned above.

The technical specifications are detailed below.


  • Vertices:  10,197
  • Edges:  20,094
  • Faces:  9,907
  • Triangles:  19,592

Texturing of the object and sizes:

   1k (1024) – 2k (2048) resolutions

  • PBR Metal Rought 1K
  • PBR Metal Rought 2K
  • Unity  1K
  • Unity  2k
  • Unreal 1k
  • Unreal 2k



  • It has a material



  • 4 Anim Clips + 1 Anim Clip Static that is implicit to show it.


This is the end result of being rendered in the EVEE engine and animating it.



Download valid for up to 1 year.