Asset 3D – MP5 Submachine – Static Object


$ 13.44


The Submachine MP5 is a Low Poly model that contains the following characteristics in the technical aspect of the Poly Count.

  • Vertices:  9518
  • Edges:  18,758
  • Faces:  9,249
  • Triangles:  18,333

The model was created in Blender 2.9 and the texturing was done in Substance Painter 7, the object was exported in the FBX format, and it contains 3 basic textures that you can use, for any project or proposal that you have as a goal.

Texturing of the object and sizes:

   1k (1024) – 2k (2048) resolutions

  • PBR Metal Rought 1K
  • PBR Metal Rought 2K
  • Unity  1K
  • Unity  2k
  • Unreal 1k
  • Unreal 2k



  • It has a material



  • None animations


Download valid for up to 1 year.